How to get rid of varicose veins in legs?

How to get rid of varicose veins in legs

If you suffer from varicose veins, you may be wondering “is there a way to get rid of varicose veins or are varicose veins permanent?”

Varicose veins do not have to be permanent. There are a few different types of procedures or operations you could have done to get rid of varicose veins. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to get rid of varicose veins on legs.

How do you get rid of varicose veins?

A few procedures to get rid of varicose veins include:

Endovenous ablation

Endovenous ablation is a procedure to close off varicose veins. Endovenous means that the procedure is done inside the vein. Ablation means that we will use heat to damage and close off the vein by inserting a needle and wire into the vein.

This procedure is not painful and is designed to ease pain, swelling, and irritation caused by varicose veins. Dr. Kafri and his team offer all forms of endovenous ablation, including Laser, Radiofrequency, and Steam ablation.


During a sclerotherapy procedure, a thin tube is inserted into the vein and a chemical is injected into the vein. This chemical causes the vein to swell and collapse. Over time, the vein will disappear.

Sclerotherapy procedures are performed in the office and anesthesia is not required with patients experiencing minimal pain and discomfort. There is no scaring whatsoever to worry about. There is also no downtime, so it is a good choice if people want to improve their bodies without having to take time away from work or family obligations. Nobody has to know you had a procedure done because there will be no tell-tale signs of surgery. You won’t have to take time off work, either.

Sclerotherapy can be performed with any skin type and complexion. After three or five sessions (on average), problem veins will collapse and begin disappearing. Over a period of about three to six months, the treated veins will completely disappear from view. 


Varicose veins lie just beneath the surface of the leg, unlike deep vein problems. A Phlebectomy is a minimally invasive procedure using a specialty hook to gently remove the varicose veins manually that are not too deep under the skin. Phlebectomy of varicose veins is extremely successful when performed on patients who are a good fit for the procedure.

Ambulatory phlebotomy is a method of removing large, bulging varicosities. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia administered in the doctor’s office. There is rarely any pain reported by patients. This is because of the local anesthesia that is used. Patients remain asleep throughout the entire procedure. The incisions that are made throughout the procedure are so small that they usually don’t even require stitches. They heal naturally with a little bit of dressing to protect them.

Your leg will be wrapped up in a gauze or compression wrap to keep everything together and protected during healing. You need to wear a graduated compression stocking after the procedure. This usually needs to be kept on for two to three weeks from your procedure. As long as you are wearing these stockings, you can resume normal activity the day after surgery. You will be able to resume daily activity just 24 hours after the procedure most of the time. Ask your doctor if they do not let you know specifically or mention this might not be the case.

San Diego Vein Specialists

If you suffer from varicose veins, you don’t have to live with the condition. It’s worth having a consultation to learn how your varicose veins can be treated with a procedure.

If you would like a consultation or are considering a procedure to fix varicose veins, contact Kafri Wellness Clinic to schedule an evaluation and get more information.

At Kafri Wellness Clinic, we have over 25+ years of experience working with patients to address vein issues. We also take into consideration a cardiovascular approach to your treatment to give you as much insight into your health as possible.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you, please contact us today!

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