Pregnancy Vein Treatment in San Diego

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Pregnancy Vein Treatment in San Diego County

Our comprehensive pregnancy vein treatment centers in both Chula Vista and El Cajon can evaluate patients seeking treatment for a variety of vein related problems in the San Diego area either before or after pregnancy. We offer a diagnostic work up and recommend management such as compression stockings as well as a wide variety of treatment options that include vein ablation, phlebectomy, and sclerotherapy.

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What Does Pregnancy Vein Treatment Entail?

Kafri Wellness Clinic offers a variety of different pregnancy related vein treatments for people in San Diego county and beyond. Visit us today to learn more about the different treatment options for pregnancy related vein conditions or issues.

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The staff here is so welcoming. The doctors are always answering my questions and always do their best in making me feel calm for any procedure. Great and clean environment.

- Jessica L.

Everyone here is very knowledgeable and they always explain to me what is going on before beginning a procedure. You can tell the doctors are very passionate about their work

- Elizabeth R.

Everything about Kafri is amazing. They are always on top of things and they are very patient when it comes to explaining. I highly recommend Kafri Wellness Clinic. Everyone is very kind here.

- Rebecca M.
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